The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Little Ani: The blog is mine!

*A holo flashes up. A little boy waves at the holoprojector*

Ha! Skywalker’s been hacked! By who you ask? By me, Little Ani, his younger, much cooler, and more fun self.

You can blame DJ, its her fault.

If you need to know who I am in detail, here you go. If you read DJK’s blog you know she happens to be stuck back in time with Anakin Skywalker at age 9, right before all that Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, hot chick with crazy hair deal. That would be me. *grins*

So she says to me, “Why don’t you get a blog?”

And I said, “Get a Blob? Now why would I want to get a Blob?”

“Blog not Blob, dork.”

Yeah, I was a bit off there. Anyhoo, Skywalker here offered to let me hack his. He said Buckethead was already here, so why not the Little Twerp, too? Nice guy, that Skywalker. Such a high opinion of himself. *rolls eyes* DJ could have warned me I was jerk in future, you know.

Man, I’m one angry, whiny brat in the future! *You hear Skywalker call out: I’m not whinny, twerp!* See? Whinny. He glares all the time, always looks mad. Someone needs a chocolate bar and can of space coke.

Nice scar although. Very chick magnet. I like. Really nice duds, too. I look hot in black.

Where was I? I got off the track… Oh yeah! You’ll se me here every once and awhile, for some humor that only I bring. *Leans close to holoprojector* It’s needed. I have been reading Skywalker’s life story here and this blog needs some humor. Dude needs a vacation! *Skywalker: I heard that!*
I’m out of here. I need to pour sand down over someone’s head. *wink*

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