The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Not What I Hoped

For days nothing happened. The disputes died away, the riots stopped, and everything went calm. The calm before the storm.

Dooku’s statue was removed from its resting place and moved to the control center hanger where it was being prepped to ship to the Jedi Temple. I over seen the removal to insure it was carefully done. Not that I don’t trust the clones, I do, but accidents happen. In a way, I wanted to keep here so I could inspect it more, but then again, it was nothing more that a statue. I also knew the minute the statue was moved the calmness was going get noisy. How soon, not even I could have predicted.

I was watching the statue as it was loaded on a transport when the Force around me started to call warnings. A figure boldly walked in the open hanger doors draped in a black robe. Dark Side energy washed over me, and my hand instantly went for my lightsaber.

Tarvis came to my side. “You know, Skywalker, I don’t think that’s a Jedi.”

“It’s not,” I muttered. “Get the men back. I’ll handle this.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Tarvis replied and shouted to the men to back off.

The figure, hooded to hide their face, came to stand in the middle of the bay, and stood still as death. I knew instantly who I thought it was correct. It made my stomach lurch. I shrugged off my robe and approached, lightsaber in hand.

“I told you to leave the statue were it was,” the figure said, in a hard feminine voice.

I stopped and stared. “So it is you.”

A small laugh. “You catch on quick.”

“I’m surprised. I never thought you would be one to turn to the Dark Side,” I said.

A gentle breeze lifted the hood just enough so a pair of green eyes flashed at me. There was a cold smile on her lips. “How little you really know me. I thought you were smarter.”

“How did Dooku buy you, Kelian?”

Cold laughter. “He didn’t ‘buy me’ as you put it. I turned from the light along time ago, he just helped me see it.”

With a snort, I pointed. “You were one of the best Jedi Knights. And you just walked away. What did he promise you? Power? Riches?”

Kelian lifted her head. “He promised me you.”

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A Famous Jedi Drinking Song

Obi-Wan hates this one!



And a little Star Wars rap for ya!


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Vader: Reflection

Location: Bast Castle

Weeks ago…

She cracked the computer system in my mediation chamber while I had her locked in there. When the assassin blasted the front windows of castle with the intent of killing her, I had placed her in there for her protection, not to ramble through my personal flies.

Naturally, I had to toss her over my shoulder like a sack and carry her in there and threaten to kill her if she tried to get out. I left her with that look that meant only annoyance for me when I returned.

I was wrong.

She asked me if being trapped in this monstrous contraption hurt. So, she knew about Mustafar. Well, obviously not all of it, but enough.

“Every damn second,” I told her.

There was a tender sadness that came into her eyes at my reply. “I’m sorry,” she said.

Would she be if she knew the truth? Yes, I think she would. That is her nature. I could kill someone in front of her and she would be disgusted, angry, and maybe even start a fight but in the end she would forgive.

Once long ago, she was a dear friend. I hadn’t intended on killing her, she wasn’t even supposed to be at the Temple that day but she was. She caught me outside the Archives. I killed her in a fit of rage when she begged me to stop what she called madness.

At that point, she already knew where my path was heading, and she had tried to stop it from happening, coming very close with her efforts. I didn’t know she knew how until I found the wormhole and realized it was because of me.

So, you see, the past and the future are past are always in motion.

Then why did I use the wormhole and bring her here only to repeat what has already happened?

It is my full intent to keep her here and not let her return. Why? First, it was because out of all of them all she was the only one that did NOT turn against me I one form or anther, or try to kill me. She tossed her lightsaber at my feet and refused to fight me. She did not deserve to die.

Now, I keep her here a very different reason. One I will not share here.

She thinks she can change the past. I know she can’t.

But I can.

If I wanted too.

All the needs to be done…

Anakin Skywalker has to die.

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Checking In

The hologram image of Obi-Wan looked at me with pensive eyes. “Interesting and perplexing. I sense there is more you’re not telling me.”

I shrugged. I had omitted the message I had received. Probably not a good idea, but I wanted to keep it myself until I had more answers. “That’s about it. Everything is going smoothly. In the four days I have been here, the revolts, protests have calmed down considerably. They simply needed a reminder of who was in charge here.”

Obi-Wan rubbed his chin. My tone displeased him, I could see that. “Well, don’t do anything that would- “

I cut him off. His lack of trust in me annoys me to no end. “You’ve read my reports. I haven’t done anything to embarrass the Order.”

He gave me that look. “I wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say, don’t do anything that would get you killed. It would be a shame for the Hero to get killed over something so simple as that.”

I could tell he was joking but still. With a halfhearted grin, I said: “Me, get myself killed? Now, Master, if I did that who save your backside all the time?”

“Nine times is hardly ‘all the time’,” Obi-Wan said, smiling back.

“Ten, you forget Cato Neimoidia. That makes ten.”

“Honestly, Anakin, do we have to go over that again? That doesn’t count. And I don’t know why you keep score.”

I leaned back on the console behind me. My mood lightened a great deal. “To see that particular expression on your face when it’s mentioned, Obi-Wan. That is why.”

“Always with the quick wit,” he said, shaking his head.

“You should try it. Wit, that is. Not sure about the ‘quick’,” I teased.

“Funny, Anakin, very funny.” His face fell serious again. “Do you remember our dealings with a criminal named Marusi?”

My mood shifted again. “How could I forget?”

“He’s been spotted in the city. The Counsel is very concerned about it. I’m going to meet a contact in the lower levels to get more information. I may be hard to get a hold for the next few days.”

With a nod, I thought that I would like to be there. I have unfinished business with Marusi. A long story for a different day but my face isn’t one he wants to see again. But right now this statue and its connection with Dooku are more important. He ranks much higher on my list of people to capture.

For a lot of reasons.

“Watch your back,” I started to say. “I would hate to have to come rescue and embarrass you for the eleventh time.”

“Tenth,” he said, not thinking.

I shot him an amused look. “I thought you said it was nine times.”

Obi-Wan laughed. “Uh, yes, well- “ He tossed his hands. “I’ll contact you later. If anything comes up on your end, inform the Temple immediately. May the Force be with you.”

“And you as well, Master.”

I should guilty for not telling him about the threatening message but I don’t.

I would regret that later on…

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Vader: A Conversation

Location: Deep space

Weeks ago…

She stares at me with her big eyes. I fully expect a hot gaze of hate coming from her but she does not. Instead, the look is full of alarm, which I find amusing.

“Was that necessary?” she asked, crossing her arms.

I stepped over the body of the storm trooper at my feet. “Yes, it was.”

“He messed up a simple order and you crush his throat. I would hate to see what you do to someone who really messes up,” she tells me, obviously disgusted.

I hardly need to explain myself to anyone much less this small wisp of a woman. But she challenges me and I refuse to step down from a challenge. I enjoy trying to make her see things from my point of view.

“I do not allow failure.”

“To make mistakes is what makes us human,” she comes back with. “I’m sure you have messed up.”

Well, I’m completely human anymore am I? I stood over her and stared down at her.

“I run my Empire with a strict hand, fail me and you suffer for it.”

She lifts her chin in that defiant way and smiles. “Your Empire, Lord Vader? I thought it was Sidious’.”

That is all a matter of time, little one, I thought.

“He may sit on the throne as Emperor, but it is he who wields the fist that truly rules,” I told her.

“And that would be you? I don’t think Sidious would see it that way, my lord.”

“I do not care what he thinks.”

Her head tilts. “I believe you have mentioned that before.” She walked away and went to stare out the window. “Do you care what I think?”

“Does it matter if I do or not? You will voice your opinions nonetheless,” I replied.

She laughs and looks over her shoulder at me. “And yet, you listen and I don’t find myself with my throat crushed.”

“I told you would not be harmed. I keep my word.”

“But what if I drew my lightsaber and held it against your neck?” she asked.

If she could see the face behind this mask, that question would never have been asked. “You would be pressing your luck severely.”

“I believe you,” she said, her smile fading.

I got the impression that she did not.

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A Message

“From where I just came from?” I repeated.

“Yes, sir,” replied the officer.

I thought for a moment. “Send a few men to check it out. Look for a remote commutations device. Bring it to me.”

Tarvis gave me questionable look. “Not going to go do that yourself?”

I shook my head. “Whoever planted it and activated it would expect me to go look for it.”

“A trap? Ka boom?” he asked.

“It’s possible. We’ll see.”

I didn’t have to wait long. The remote was in my hand minutes later. I wanted to kick my self for not having sensed it before. I spun it around in my hand, rubbing my thumb over the small device. There was a click. A small holo flashed from a very small holoprojector.

“I knew you couldn’t help yourself, Skywalker. You always were the over curious kind,” a hood voice said. The same voice as on the other holo. “But I’m glad you are. Makes this more fun for me.” A pause. The figure shifted. “I’m sure you know there more going on Geonosis than meets the eye. I know by now you have seen the statue that our friend Count Dooku made. Lovely is it not?

“If you would, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ship it off to Coruscant. You see, he made it for me. I never did get chance to receive it. I knew when you got here, it would be found.” The figure’s head lifted some. “Yes, Anakin, I know you and you know me. It’s been a long time since I last seen you.”

My eyes narrowed.

“I can see your face in my mind right this very second. That glare you have. Your face is an open book of expression.” There was laughter that quickly faded. “Do yourself a favor, leave the statue where it is. Do what you have to control these bugs and leave. You need not involve yourself with this. If you do, you will have to deal with me.”

The head lifted and I saw a very brief flash of a face. Too fast and too blurry to tell who it was.

“You don’t want that, Ani.” A flash and the holo disappeared.

She called me Ani. I can count how many people in my life who called me the on one hand. My mother, Padme, D.J., Pho, and-

Tarvis was watching me. I meet his eyes slowly. “I see the wheels turning. You know who that was?”

I frowned. “I think I do. And if I’m right… “ I shook my head slowly.

The thought did not please me at all.

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