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Darth Vader and myself decited to merge blogs. I know what you are thinking. Why, you hate the guy! Well, at least here I can keep him under lock and key. That helps doesn't it?

Wish me luck.

I think I need it.


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Vader: Silly Girl

She thinks she is so cute. As if I care about destroying my own bombers to kill her. I have no reservations about doing it and I proved that. But that didn’t stop her or even slow her down.

She think her taunts are funny, that they faze me, anger me. They do not, in fact they are laughable. I have been called worse in my life than Sand Baby. She never changes. A new name and occupation mean nothing. She is still a Jedi and always will be.

I watched her disappear into Hyperspace. I commed the Executor. Luckily for my Admiral, he was thinking with his head and tracked her hyperspace coordinates. I will send two of ships after her. Unless she pulls out and changes course, she will have another ship to play with later.

“Lord Vader,” my comm goes off. “The signal has gotten stronger. We have your fighter ready for you.”

Now the real fun begins.

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Anakin's Missing Teddy Bear - Pt I

Follow the links on YouTube for the rest of it. It's funny.

Not true of course, Mr. Snuggles is right here. *slips something behind back* Urm... never mind.

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Late Night

I woke up in a cold sweat. It wasn’t from a nightmare but something else. It used to happen to me on Tatooine when I was a child. You spent all day hot as Mustafar then at night cold a Hoth. Sometimes you wake up in a cold sweat.

I sat up took a look around. Geonosis was dead quiet except for the normal night sounds. So I got up, I never sleep much anymore as it is, got dressed and went outside.

A few hours before hand I had tried to reach Padme on Coruscant with no luck. After that, I contacted the Temple to report that statue was on it was way. But I left out the whole fight and capture of Kelian. Not the wisest idea but I did it anyway. She has information I want, and I will get it. I don’t need a Master to come here and take over. Which is what would happen. This is my game; I’m going to play it my way. For now.

I made my way down to the holding cells where Kelian had been taken and went inside. At the force field in front of her cell, I saw she was awake, sitting up, as if she was waiting for me. Her eyes met mine thought the glowing blue shield.

“Can’t sleep, Skywalker?” she muttered. “Or did you come here to stare at me?”

“I want to talk you,” I said.

Kelian looked away. “I’m not telling you anything.”

“Tell me about your grandmother Liflan.”

She turned back to me. “I told you ask Kenobi.”

“I’m asking you.”

“What’s there to say? She was Jedi, she turned the dark side.”

I stared. “You said the Counsel disowned ever knowing her, why? What did she do?”

She looked me right in the eye. “Better question would be: what didn’t she do?”

“I'm waiting, Kelian.”

A long pause. I almost thought she wasn’t going to answer but she started to speak, very softly. “Do you remember hearing about the Gladarn incident? Where six Jedi Masters were murdered for no apparent reason?” I nodded and she went on. “It was my grandmother who killed them.”

Force! This was one of the things I did remember from all those dull classes that put you to sleep. Mostly because it involved one of our own turning on the Jedi. Of course they gave us very little details and no names. But it had been worth mentioning in our history.

“How can you be sure it was her?”

“Dooku told me. He’s a crafty liar but I knew he wasn’t lying at the time. I already knew my grandmother turned to the dark side. My mother had told me. I just didn’t know the details.”

“Your mother wasn’t a Jedi,” I said.

“Of course not. My grandmother hid her well after was she born. But naturally my mother wasn’t smart enough to hide me. I was snatched from her as a child,” she said, looking away. “Like you, I knew my mother.”

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Vader: A Familar Voice

I slid into my tie-fighter and shot out of the hanger bay of the ships just as Rebel forces had gotten themselves in place for an assault. Fools, all of them. The ships they were using were out of date and completely useless. I’m surprised any of them could actually make out hyperspace without falling part much less fight against the Imperial fleet. This would a short battle.

I flipped on my communications. “Form up behind me. The leader is mine.” I came around the left and powered up the laser cannons. “Shoot to kill.”

Switching channels on the comm, I helmed the leader of the small squad of fighters shoot out of the bay. “Your fighters are out numbered. I do not take prisoners, your ships will be destroyed.”

“I suppose you are speaking to me, Baby. Uhm, I think we are going to fight anyway. You might want to comm back to your Destroyer, your balls are getting busted, Baby,” a voice said back as line of torpedoes came our way.

I snorted and zoomed to the right and over them, as did the men with me. I knew this female voice in my ear. “Starburst, we meet again. I should have known it was you leading these fools to their deaths.”

"See, Baby, they don't let me lead anymore, after that assault where we lost near about a thousand fighters on taking out six destroyers, remember that?"

A smile covered my face. “Tragic. Your skills were lacking, they always were.” I flew over her and shot my turbo lasers at her hull as I did. “Not much has changed.”

With a flick of my wrist, switch channels again, this time to the ship. “Admiral, have all the Star Destroyers begin firing,” I spat, coming over the hull of the Executor, letting lose one of my torpedoes at Starburst.

"You lost this," she laughed, "It wants you back." She dodge around and ducked her fighter, the torpedo slammed into the Executor. I gritted my teeth as it exploded, and flew thorough the back blast.

Again, I commed her. “You can’t win this with tinker toys, Starburst. I almost had you once and I will again.” My lasers danced off her canopy. “You always did think you were better than everyone else.”

"No, I am better then you.” Her torpedoes bounced off my ship, some of them impacting the others simply drifting off. "Aww, I missed you, Baby."

I fired another torpedo. “And just what have you missed, Jedi?” I hissed as zoomed right behind her.

"Now, what makes you think I am a Jedi?" she spat right before ship disappeared into a cloud of smoke and flame.

How did I indeed. I knew who she used to be. I’m not a fool. Of course I had only heard rumors and never seen her face, but I knew. And I knew she wasn’t dead.

Read the Rebel’s P.O.V. here.

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