The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Little Ani: HA!

A few "makin fun of Skywalker vids" for you. Yeah, I know, I'm making fun of myself in the future, but hey, if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?

Skywalker is a dork. *ducks rocks*

Attack of the Clones in 5 secs

Revenge of the Sith in 5 secs

Check this out! Skywalker is in a new blog game. Look at what he is wearing! LOLOLOLOLOL! Next Top Hero

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A Sudden Death

The Geonosis night was still relatively quiet. I found Tarvis and asked for Kelian’s personal effects. He handed them to me without hesitation. I took Kelian’s lightsaber to bench and stared at it. Then I took it apart.

“Need spare parts?” Tarvis asked lightly.

“No,” I muttered. “I’m looking for something…” But, what?

Then I saw it. It was so small to the untrained eye, to someone not looking for it would have disregarded it. I pulled out a tiny chip and held it up. Tarvis peered over my shoulder.

“Well, whata know? A holo chip. Cleverly hid, too!” he said.

I slid the chip into the holo projector and the small holo sprang to life. Right from the start I knew this was recorded in secret with a hidden device. You could tell by the angles. There wasn’t any sounds, only images.

Whoever recorded this was talking to Dooku; I’m guessing Kelian. I’m not a lip reader, so I have no idea what Dooku was saying. He turned and another man appeared. This man was tall, with long black hair. A band of color went across his face, over his eyes. The back of my neck tingled. He looked very familiar. Very familiar indeed.

Warning bells went off in my head. My head snapped away from the holo. I sidestepped Tarvis and ran back down to Kalian’s holding cell and slid to stop before it. Kelian was laying on the floor, her eyes wide, a thin line of foam on her mouth. I cursed as I drop the shield and rushed in, Travis hot on my heels.

“Kelian!” I knelt down, checked her pulse and instantly jerked my hand back.

She was dead.

Travis opened her mouth. The remains of a poison capsule lay on her lounge. A quick acting one, that would have taken about thirty seconds to kill her. It was small and could be hidden under the tongue not dissolve till bitten into.

“Now why would she go and do that?” Tarvis muttered.

I noticed blood on her hand. I lifted her arm and written in blood from a self-made tear in the flesh of her finger was:

You will fail.

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Little Ani: The blog is mine!

*A holo flashes up. A little boy waves at the holoprojector*

Ha! Skywalker’s been hacked! By who you ask? By me, Little Ani, his younger, much cooler, and more fun self.

You can blame DJ, its her fault.

If you need to know who I am in detail, here you go. If you read DJK’s blog you know she happens to be stuck back in time with Anakin Skywalker at age 9, right before all that Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, hot chick with crazy hair deal. That would be me. *grins*

So she says to me, “Why don’t you get a blog?”

And I said, “Get a Blob? Now why would I want to get a Blob?”

“Blog not Blob, dork.”

Yeah, I was a bit off there. Anyhoo, Skywalker here offered to let me hack his. He said Buckethead was already here, so why not the Little Twerp, too? Nice guy, that Skywalker. Such a high opinion of himself. *rolls eyes* DJ could have warned me I was jerk in future, you know.

Man, I’m one angry, whiny brat in the future! *You hear Skywalker call out: I’m not whinny, twerp!* See? Whinny. He glares all the time, always looks mad. Someone needs a chocolate bar and can of space coke.

Nice scar although. Very chick magnet. I like. Really nice duds, too. I look hot in black.

Where was I? I got off the track… Oh yeah! You’ll se me here every once and awhile, for some humor that only I bring. *Leans close to holoprojector* It’s needed. I have been reading Skywalker’s life story here and this blog needs some humor. Dude needs a vacation! *Skywalker: I heard that!*
I’m out of here. I need to pour sand down over someone’s head. *wink*

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Late Night 2

“I was four years old when I last saw her but I remember her,” Kelian told me, looking up at me hatefully.

The Jedi Counsel usually didn’t take in younglings over a certain age. But here were cases where they did. Myself being one of those. Most of the time those children ended up in the Agricultural Corps because they had just enough Force sensitivity but were to old train safety. I always thought that was a load of Bantha poodoo.

I remember reading about the Gladarn incident but the full details were sketchy in my mind at that point. I do however remember the name of the betrayer had never been mentioned.

“Kelian, tell me what Dooku is up to. Anything you know, and I’m make sure the counsel and court goes easy on you,” I told her. “Let me help you.”

She laughed. “They won’t listen to you! They never do!” Standing up she move close to the force field. “Because they don’t trust you. If I told you anything you could use, and you went to- say, Mace Windu, do you honestly think he believe you?”

If I had proof he would. If I had it holo recorded, or if she verified the story, he would, but I said nothing about that. I knew, I could sense, she wasn’t going to let me help her.

“Get some rest. You are being transferred to Coruscant tomorrow. First to Jedi Temple, then to a Republic detention center,” I told her, turning to leave.

I had taken three steps before I heard her call my name. I backtracked.

She locked eyes with me. There was something there. Haunted, lost.

“My lightsaber,” was all she said before she turned away.

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