The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Vader: Idots

“Lord Vader, the wormhole had a shift that sent her through but farther back in time than she was meant to go. She could have gone anywhere.”

I stared at the man in front of me. Useless. All of them useless. None of them can do anything efficiently. I would gladly like to kill each on of them, one by one.

“I told you to track the beacon on ship. I personally installed that beacon. It was one of my own designs. It will have a signal, even though a wormhole,” I spat.

“Sir, we did that. There isn’t a signal. That could only mean the ship crashed and was destroyed-“

I swirled around and he snapped his mouth shut. “The ship may have crashed but there is a signal. If you and your pathetic men knew what you were doing, you could find it!”

He cleared his throat nervously. I smiled to myself. I do enjoy this reaction in people. “Yes, Lord,” he muttered.

“Get out of my sight,” I said and stormed passed him.

Of course there was signal. I could sense it and I could sense her. If she was dead, I would know it. I stomped into the control room and shoved the little man working at the terminal out of my way.

I found a faint signal and I could feel the man behind me get horrified. I came around. “There is the signal. Track it, widen the range as much as possible. Find out where she went through the wormhole and prepare my fighter, download the course to the nav computer.” I paused, breathing. “And make it fast. I grow tired of waitithe delay.”

He blinked and rushed to work.

Alarms went off on the ship. “Lord Vader, four Alliance cruisers just hopped out of lightspeed right in our path,” A voice came over the comm.

At least I can have a little fun while I have to wait.

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End Of The Game

I had Kelian backing up, swinging rapidly at her. She had stopped shooting the lightning at me after a short time. See that power takes a lot of out you, or so I hear. She had no choice but to stop.

That was when the oddest sensation went over me. It was like a trickle of water down your face. Then my head started to pound, It felt like my brain had short-circuited. It blinded me and caused me to back off, which I never do. My eyes watered and I shook my head.

Then something else passed my mind. I felt D.J. It didn’t make any since at the time but it does now. I could feel her reaching out to me, which I haven’t felt in months. And then for some dayum reason I thought of Tatooine. Why Tatooine? I never, if I can help it, think of there.

At first I thought she might be there, but why? I was wrong of course. Sort of.

Kelian took the advantage. She rushed me and slammed her foot square in my face. Needless to say, this didn’t help me much. But I blocked the pain and got my footing.

I was going end this.

I pull the Force deeper inside me and lifted my hand. The Force push flung her back against the durasteel wall and I heard the bone in her skull crack. She slumped to the ground and didn’t move.

But she wasn’t dead. Not by long shot.

I moved over and stood over her. She looked up at me, eyes glazed. “Go head, Hero, kill me.”

“I would like to but I don’t think I will. You have information and you are going to give to me,” I told her.

Kalian spit. “I won’t tell you anything!”

I grabbed her collar. “Yes, you will. This whole setup here is a joke, the statue, you, this fight. There’s something more going on here and you are going to tell me.”

A few minutes later she shackled. Commander Cody walked her out, but before she was ushered out the doors, she turned and gave me a cold smile. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I rubbed my head. It was still pounding. I should have taken a few and mediated to heal myself but instead I went right to the nearest computer console and tapped into the Jedi Temple beacons. I looked for D.J.’s As I expected it wasn’t showing on their end. It didn’t show on mine either.

The feeling of Tatooine still lingered. Enough I can still smell sand and heat.

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Here We Go

Kalian’s blade came at my head and I blocked it easily. The move was, to me, half-hearted. She stood there, her blade and mine crossed. Through the brightness I got a good look at her face. There was something in her eyes…

“Come on, Anakin! Show me what you got!” she shouted and reared back for another swing. “Or did Kenobi and the Counsel finally tame you?”

I glared. “Last I heard I was untamable!”

I swung to the left; she ducked and came around with her foot. I somersaulted backward out the way and her foot went wide. My hand lifted and I used the Force to sweep her off her feet, flat on her back. She hit with a thud.

Moving over quickly, I was about to swing my saber down on her when she kicked up her foot again, this time nailing me in the- Holy Mother of the Stars! That blasted hurt!

“You wont be using that anytime soon,” Kelian taunted, jumping her feet, while I seen stars the size of starships.

She charged. I sidestepped to the right and landed my elbow in her face and spun around, missing her head by centimeters. Kalian ducked, rolled back, and came to her feet spitting blood my way.

“You aren’t even trying!” she shouted.

“Nether are you!”

I felt it coming. Force lightning shot from her fingertips. Oh, no, not again! I hate that! I have that hit me once before and let me tell you, if you want agony, let it hit you. You never forget what it feels like.

Kalian was aiming for my mechanical arm. Metal, lightning, you get me. I lifted my blade to catch it before it made contact. The air smelt of burnt ozone, the heat blasted my face but I held it back with both arms gripping the saber.

Jedi Knights don’t use Lightning, but we have the ability. I have never tried it because if my arm. One stray bolt, loss of focus and I could fry myself. But the thought of her using it on me made me so angry want to zap her with it myself.

My anger got the best of me.

Not the first time.

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