The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Vader: The Search Begins

“I want her found. Do you understand? Do not fail me or I will cook you in your boots!” I shouted to the Stormtrooper in front of me.

“Understood, my lord.”

“Good. Go.”

I watched him leave the bridge of the Executor. Then I turned to back to the view screen over looking her last known location before hitting the wormhole. I reached out the Force again, drew the power of the Dark Side deep inside me. D.J. had not made it through the wormhole but where she ended up is beyond even my sight.

“Lord Vader, there is a transmission from the Emperor coming in,” a voice said behind me.

I rolled my eyes. It figures. “Patch it to my office,” I snapped and walked away.

In my office I pounded the button on the counsel, nearly breaking it. It made a crunching noise under my finger. I couldn’t care less. If fact I hoped it was broke so I didn’t have to here his nerve grinding voice.

No such luck.

“Lord Vader, where are you?”

“In the area of the wormhole, my master,” I said as flatly as I could manage.

“Why? Do you think you can find her? She is lost,” he said just as flat.

“It is possible to track where the wormhole pushed her.”

“By whom? You? Your powers are not strong enough, Lord Vader. Not even you can track someone through time.”

I narrowed my eyes. That is that you think old man, I thought.

“I need you back on Imperial City. This pastime of yours has gone on long enough. I expect you here in three days.”

I nodded my head and the holo disappeared.

It wouldn’t take me that long to find her. Of that I’m certain.

And then, she will have no choice but to stay here.

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Vader: Hmmm....

I can say I was impressed by the Force kick DJ landed on my chest. Less impressed with hot coffee that spilt on my mask and in my face. I came off the floor in a rage. She was gone, no doubt heading for the hanger.

In the end, I let her go. Why? Because of what she said:

“You said couldn’t change what happens, but maybe I can change enough and you might not end up in that suit. Have you considered that? Wouldn’t you like to be free of it? Free of the constant pain?”

A possibility I had considered. True, she might be able to change some things, this contraption I’m stuck in being one of them. If she did… Yes, I have thought about it. The idea is appealing.

Very appealing.

To see my Master’s face if that were to happen.

To have him see mine…

We shall see.

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Let's Go All Ready!

“So, you want to follow your grandmother’s path to darkness, Kelian? I don’t think so,” I said, staring her down.

She pointed her saber at me. “My grandmother was one the lost ones, one of the Jedi you never hear about although. After what she did, the Order completely disowned her. She never existed to them.” I opened my mouth to ask but she cut me off. “Ask Kenobi, he knows. Ask him about Liflan. That is, if you live.”

I ignited my saber. “Oh, I’ll live.”

“Live for what? Live to fight the good fight? What’s the point, Anakin? The war never ends and the Republic will fall, you know it. Is really worth it any more? The fighting, the death, all of it?” she asked, something flashing her eyes I couldn’t read.

“Fighting for peace is worth it.”

Kalian smiled. “And what you get from it, Hero? Has the Counsel made you Master yet? No, of course not. They are too scared of you. I wonder why. Maybe they know deep down inside, your soul is as dark as mine.”

I glared and shook my head. “What happened to you?”

“I woke up. Just like you will. One day, you’ll see the true path and you will walk it,” she said.

“I don’t think so. Becoming a Sith isn’t appealing to me.”

She laughed. “I’m not Sith, Ani. There can only be two, remember? A Master and an Apprentice. I’m merely a follower, a minion.”

“And a bloody fool.”

Kalian stepped closer. “Maybe I am a fool, but I am a fool on the winning side.”

I blocked her blade as it came towards my head and the fight was on.

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More Things Reviled

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? And why would you want me?”

Kelian glared. It pained me to see a face of a former friend so cold. We had been Padawans together. Kelian had been a bright student, one of the best. We became friends on one of the several missions that she and her Master had assisted Obi-Wan and myself with.

Over a two years ago, Kelian disappeared after a grueling mission in which she almost died, ironically, by the hands of Dooku. On that mission, Kelian had been captured and tormented for weeks before Obi-Wan and myself finally rescued her. I knew something was wrong with her before she disappeared but there wasn’t much I could do to help her.

After the fact, the Counsel had refused to send out a search for her. That wasn’t right, and they knew it. She was one of us, they treated it as if she was just another casualty. I protested and was denied.

Kelian flipped back her hood. Her eyes were dead. “Well, why not? I kill you, I move up the ranks.”

I locked eyes with her. “Think, Kelian, Dooku doesn’t need you! You are just one of many he toys with! Even if you did kill me, and you won’t, it won’t mean a damn thing.”

She titled her head. “I guess we’ll have to see about that.” Kelian waved a hand. “He knew the Counsel would send you here when the uprisings started, knew you would find that statue. You see, it was perfect, here we are.”

“The statue has no real meaning to you, does it? It was a ploy?”

Kelian rolled her eyes. “Anakin, of course it matters. It’s of my grandmother. She was Jedi.”

Her words clicked in my head. I could see the resemblance now. “She turned to the Dark Side. She knew Dooku,” I stated.

With a snap of her fingers, Kelian said, “Now you get it.”

“Why is it here?” I asked.

Kelian smiled. “I put it here when the riots started.”

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Vader: Guest poster: DJK

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