The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


Two Down

We tromped through the tunnels in silence. I paused before walking around turn. I reached out the Force. There were human guards close by. I looked at Obi-Wan and tapped my nose, which meant run and attack.

He shook his head. //No, let's not attract attention to us// he cautioned through the Force. //We need to do this quietly//

I sent back: //Alright, here we go// I wiggled my finger and made a large stone fall from the wall. Both guards came walking to investigate the noise. Obi-Wan jumped out the shadow and chopped the guard on the neck, knocking him out.

I slung out my elbow as the nearest guard next to me appeared. His head whipped back, eyes rolling, and he hit the slime with a splash. Too easy.

Dragging the falling guard over to the other, Obi-Wan tied them both up and covered their mouths. "There will be more guards inside,” he whispered.

"If last time we went up against Octavia and Marusi is any indication, a lot more guards are inside."

"Unfortunately my recollection is a bit shaky if you remember." He walked in front of me. Walked up a set of old stairs and shoved open a heavy door. //I sense something//

It was pitch black around us as we steeped in. I could see Obi-wan but that was it. But he was right; I could sense thing as well. I reached out with the Force. //Right in front of us//

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