The Trials of Anakin Skywalker


A Smelly Situation

As we sat in the seedy cantina, the plan was forming.

“We have to be prepared for any surprise attacks as well,” Obi-Wan said.

I ordered a drink and nearly spit it out when I took a sip. I made face. "Dirt! Yeah, but we can only plan for that so far. Once we get in, they'll know we are there."

"We have to disguise our Force signatures as soon as we get close to the premises. Otherwise we compromise the rescue mission." He shoved his drink way.

I nodded, agreeing. "There should be a entrance to the sewage system close to warehouse. Down here, there are garbage dumps everywhere, but as you can see, they don't use them much."

He nodded. I could sense his distress. Like I said, it not often you see Obi-Wan off his game. This bothered him a lot. Not that I blame him. It angered me to no end what that woman did it him. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her.

As we walked out, there were eyes watching us. I ignored them outwardly but in the back of my mind, I was watching. Outside, Artoo rolled out the shadows and followed us down the trash-ridden street, beeping at my heels. I dropped Artoo and my pack off in the equally wonderful domicile Obi-Wan had and met him back on the street.

I lifted my chin. "Lets get close to the warehouse and find the entrance to the sewers."

We walked in silence until we found the cover to the sewage entrance. "You first,” he said, waving his hand, half-grinning.

The entrance was located in a back ally. A gapping hole in the wall that angle down in a shoot, ending up at the bottom. I jumped up on the lip and gave Obi-Wan a half smile. "Naturally," I said and disappeared inside.

I hit the bottom with a splash, but before I pushed with Force and managed not to end up on my backside in ankle deep sludge. I backed out of the way as Obi-Wan came out the shoot and landing his backside. I held out hand to my former master.

"Need a hand?"

He grabbed my hand and jumped up with a disgusted look on his bearded face. "Thanks," Obi-Wan muttered.

I tried not smile. I lifted a finger and pointed to his cheek. "You might want to get that off."

The rather large insect squeaked as he swatted it off his face. "We need to go that way." He pointed to the canal leading down to the left.

I shrugged off my robe. Thankfully my backside wasn't as wet as I knew his was. Of course I didn't fall either. "Take your robe off. You might dry faster."

"Ah, good idea." He shed the wet garment and looked with revulsion at his boots. "I dare not take anything else off."

I handed him mine, which was mostly dry. "Wipe off or they'll smell you coming," I had to joke.

"Thanks." He wiped off. It didn’t help much. I could still smell it. But I wasn’t going to say it. “Let’s go.”

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